Monday, May 30, 2011

A Salute to the Military

Don't forget that the day off from work wasn't just because your boss is nice.  Please remember the current and past soldiers who fought, and continue to fight, for our freedoms. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Five Guys! High Five!

Just went to Five Guys for the first time...and I have opinions.  Having heard the recent excitement with everyone comparing Five Guys as the new In-N-Out here is my highly scientific experiment. (a.k.a. just plain eating). Here is what I think in chart form.

In-N-Out Tie Five Guys
Meat *
Bun *
Toppings *
Price *
Ambiance *
Ease of access to my apt. *

First off, let's just have a round of applause for my first HTML edit.  Yes, I realize it must look like the work of a 3 year old for those computery people out there. But...excuse me while I pat myself on the back.

Now, onto the matter at hand.  In-N-Out vs Five Guys.  Now the ever amazing out of this world chart shows what looks to be a tie.  I am choosing............................................................................................ 

 as the winner!

While the meat is important, it is a tie. If I had never had an In-N-Out bun before, this wouldn't be an issue.  But having had an In-N-Out bun I have to say that it is what I'd imagine a kiss from an angel to be like.  Five Guys totes won out on the toppings, mainly due to the addition of mushrooms which might I say are not an extra fee.  Speaking of fees, mushrooms shouldn't be an extra fee seeing that for 2 burgers (one single, one double), 2 regular size sodas, and a regular size fry was about $18.  Not an arm and a leg, but a little high for my tight Dutch wallet.

Now, only 48 days until I can get my fix!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Did You Get Raptured?

Ohhhhh...this is're still on Earth?  Heaven has free 4G, I'm drinking a beer with Jesus.  He says, "Hey." Who would have thought Jesus was a Bud Light fan? Go figure.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We Survived!

How was your weekend?  Do you know the monstrosities that were happening?  Last Saturday I had a lazy day and stayed inside until about 5 when I went into work to close.  Knowing what I know now, makes me realize that my unconscious MUST have known bad things were happening outside. 

Background: I hate birds more than Nene hates Star.

So, apparently last weekend was International Migratory Bird Day. time.  This info is from some dumb website about holidays that aren't really holidays.

International Migratory Bird Day celebrates the incredible journey that migratory birds (gag) take each year. They travel thousands of miles between breeding grounds in North America, and their winter homes in Central and South America. Organizers say this is a day to both support, and to increase awareness of conservation (bird season, anyone?) efforts in support of migratory birds. They also suggest a field trip into a woods to look for and enjoy migrating birds. (I suggest this if you want to get attacked and die a slow and painful death.)
On each of these Bird Days, we encourage you to take a few minutes (to load your guns) to watch and observe birds, as well as to feed them. (sodium bicarbonate) 

Sooo, if you survived last Saturday and didn't get attacked by these flying devils consider yourself lucky.  
And no, I have not seen "The Birds" by Hitchcock.  There is a better chance for me to sprout my own wings and fly to Canada then for me to watch that movie. 

Vomit City.

Hell to the no.
 Be scared people.  They are forming mean, scary groups and are slowly taking over the world.  Lock your doors and hide your children.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"He Can't Lift the Seat, Greg"

Someone starting potty training today!  Seeing as how I've got it down most of the time, the only other option is Oliver.  Yes, yes I said he was already potty trained, which he is.  He uses his litter box.  Turns out, I'm tired of cleaning it and the smell and I don't want to spend $300 bones on a fancy one that cleans itself.  So we are potty training.  Ridiculous? Yep.  I know.  It's like Jinxy from Meet the Parents & Meet the Fockers.

I started doing a little research to see just how much of an uncommon idea this was.  Seems that thousands of people have trained their cats to use the toilet!  With each review and video I watched to figure out which system would work best I realized that if for whatever reason I go missing and the FBI looks at my computer they are going to see my computer history contains multiple pictures of cats using the bathroom.  What a freak.  Which will in turn stop the investigation.  For your viewing pleasure, and so you all go down with me! Muahahahaha...

                                          Creepy, right??                                           

Sorry about that.  Anyway, that is what is going on.  This is what happens when I'm left to my own devices.  I promise to have a non-kitty post soon because...who has a blog dedicated to cats??

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You're a Cool Cat

 Maybe it was the horrible commercial I posted about a few weeks ago, or the fact that I am obsessed with animals.  I need a living thing!  This isn't the first time something like this has happened.  The first time I felt this way I got her:

 Her name is Lucy.  I got her in the Fall of 2003 right when I moved to San Diego from a girl that I was looking to move in with.  She was a good girl.  She jumped off the patio of an old apartment from the 3rd floor.  Someone found her and I got her back the next day.  Eventually, she got out when I lived in a big house in East San Diego and never came home. Sad day.  Then....about a month after she left this dude happened:

This is Henry on the day I got him.  He still has that dumb face, but he is a very good boy.  I had him for 2 years, and in December of 2006 (?), my parents dog died from what we think was a result of the dog food poisoning thing.  That next January I went up to Mammoth with some friends and dropped him off at his grandma and grandpa's house to be babysat.  Since their house was so quiet from not having a pup around, and I was busy I thought it was best for him to stay there.  Plus, now if I ever wanted him back it would not go over well.  Henry and his grandpa are best friends.  Here is some visual evidence of how they watch tv every single day.

Then I took a nice long break of any animals of my own, but I was the cool babysitter for many over the years!  Chico, Chica, Koa, Fresno, London.  Not to mention the time I talked to one of my tables at Yardhouse who were trying to find a new home for their cat, so I pawned that one off to Alex. :)  Oh man...and then the goldfish from the fair.  I had Billy and Farrah for a year.  They both passed from natural causes just before I moved to Boulder last summer.

Soooooo, with all of that said I think it is quite amazing that I've lasted over 9 months with no animals! Excuse me while I pat myself on the back....

Ok, done.

Let me also fill you in on how much of an animal freak I am.  Aside from DVRing Puppy Bowl during the Super Bowl (which I think is more common than most people would like to admit!), naming dogs I see walking down the street as we drive by, watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, I also take pictures on my phone of random dogs I see out and about.

This is Carmen. It's actually some longer name after some Mountain chain, but Carmen is close.

 This is Pooshoes.  Actual name.

This little dude who looks miserable is in Nordstrom! I named him Huckleberry.

This is Mira. She lives at a Vineyard in Temecula. Yes...I am on the floor of a tasting room. No, I am not drunk.

Enough of that freak show.  I'm sure I have more, but you get the creepy point.  Let me just say that deciding to "just look" at the local ASPCA website is never a good idea.  I am smart enough to know that I don't have the time or space for a dog.  I HATE birds more than anything.  I didn't want another fish tank to clean. Bunnies are not cuddly.  I don't know how to ride a horse.  Snakes are yucky.  Low and behold, a cat is my best option. Then to narrow it down more I knew that I didn't want long hair or a kitten because I didn't want to have to potty train and deal with baby shots and training.  Then this guy popped up.

Hiiiiii buddy!  

I wait it out a few days, then Alex and I go check out the Humane Society.  They had a few hundred cats, and I was keeping an open mind.  Then walking to one of the last rooms this guy was standing at the glass staring out :::gaaaaasp!::: "That's Fat Cat!" (Horrible name, right?)  It was.  Then I wait 2 more days to think and to clean and cat ready the apartment.  I went back, played with him and brought him home!  His name changed to Oliver.  He has his shots, is 2 years old, microchipped, potty trained and is all around a good boy.

 He hates the flash, but will hold his pose.

 Again, with the flash.

It reminds me of Earl from My Name is Earl who never had his eyes open for pictures.

Dreaming of Superman.

So there is the new member of my family.  Sorry for the massive amounts of pictures, but who has dial up now-a-days anyway?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lazy Bum Post

Since I'm officially a lazy bum, and I don't want to do a real update I figured I would cheat and scare my friends by sharing with the internets the convos we have.  It was fun for me to re-read them, and that is all that matters at 2:30 in the morning.  I'm just glad I'm not on Amazon.  Go me.

There is no order to this madness.
(Names have been removed for the sake of the innocent.  If you really wanna know, send me cookies and I will spill the beans.)
 1: Do you ever stretch and your chest bone pops? I hate that.
2: hmm I don't think so1: oh.ya, me neither.  *im trying to talk to charlie sheen on twitter  * Which comes first, the chicken or the AIDS?
  crap, I mean the HIV or the AIDS?  *Bullets don't kill vampires, douche.
 * The idea of possibly getting a tapeworm makes me want to go vegetarian. Then I think of pepperoni pizza, and I can't do it.  *i know how to best utilize the air  *her sanity decreased as her hot level increased.  *Harold doesn't love you. Harold peed on your bed.  *hes a juicebox guido  * eff, I google imaged it.   I wish I didn't. * not to mention that day she had the epiphany that vegetables are healthier than french fries  * I'm super glad we don't have Ebola.  * Mr. Corndogs for breakfast is apparently above eating nachos sober
    1:Why not a hedgehog? I want a hedgehog.
  2: I don't want to step on needles  * I just looked at my "Where is my stuff?" section on Amazon, and I have nail polish, a straw holder and a year of Maxim magazine.  * I don't have much of an opinion.  1: Why are we emailing?2: Because we can?   * Coors is like your friendly neighbor, brewing beer
handing you an ice cold blue-mountain Coors Light when you get home from work
  and then mowing your lawn for you while you drink it
 1: I just had an idea. You could send me the money and then I could not send you the iPad and so we could ruin however many years of friendship and go on Judge Judy. You in?
2: Sold.  *Superman is giving up his American citizenship.  *the silver bullet
  pchoooooooo chooooo
  *I'm bored again, just in a different venue.  *Did YOU CALL ME A MUGGLE?!  * I feel strongly about this.
  Screw DVDs.  *you hate fun  * Titanic...Hanson...walkmen  *I wish it rained those dirty hot dogs they sell on the streets of TJ  1: Did you say congrats?
  2: Yes.
  Well, I typed it.  *Ew. Weird pink heart.  * I made the oatmeal into what I had hoped was a muffin type thing. It turned out as a hockey puck, but dryer.
  * Then buy a shadow box and bam. It looks like you tried.
1: Oooh. I want meat!
  Cow meat.1: I'll pay for the meat. But not for the procurement of the meat.
 2: You eat it straight up steak style?  * He got his mom a plant.
His mom and my mom are obviously totally different people.
  I got my mom glitter Tom's.