Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Oliver,

Don't piss me off.  I will do it.
Your mom
The necklace totally makes the outfit.

The Clint Eastwood of Kitty Cats


sick and twisted

So miserable!

Just around the riiivveeerrr beeend!

I *love* the wig.

to infinity and beyond


Hello Kitty!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Heeeereee's Johnny!

A few weeks (months? whatever.) back some friends came into town for the Great American Beer Fest.  We had a day or so before the fest-business, so we took a day trip up to Estes Park.  Three of the five of us went last year around the same time, but we decided to stop at the Stanley Hotel this time.  It was awesome.  Some aspects of it reminded me of the Hotel Del Coronado.  I really want to go back and go on the ghost tour! (I'm slightly obsessed with Ghost Hunters and they totally did an episode there.)  Oh yeah, and I still need to see The Shining. Yeah, yeah. I know it's a classic

The front. Duh.
View from the front steps.
If there is a firetruck, I will make him take a picture in front of it.
Dude was hand polishing the lobby floor.

Alex's beer was pretty cool. REDRUM!

Downtown Estes Park

No crap.  Would have been nice to know this last year.