Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So Long, Farewell.

Tomorrow/today is moving day.  As I sit here surrounded by trash and random stuff I could/should throw out, using the last of my Internet before the Comcast Nazis shut it off at midnight tonight, I am TOTALLY EXCITED but still slightly sad.

I'm use to moving.  In the 8 years I lived in San Diego I moved...nine times..nine? Yeah, somewhere around there.  For you non-math majors reading, that is more than once every year.  (I'm quick with math.)  Packing up and leaving is somewhat a norm for me though always a little bittersweet.

When I packed up the ol' Camaro to the brim with a bag of Cheetos by my side, all ready to drive through the Rocky Mountains, I wasn't sure how long until the west coast would ever be home again.  Though I was excited for the change, I did not know if I would be in Boulder for 1 year, or 10.  I barely knew the city.

When I was driving through the Rockies (SUPER UNDERWHELMING, BTW) I had no idea what was going to be in store.  Would I survive school? Would I make friends? Would I find a job?  Would Alex find a fireman job?  Would we ride horses every weekend through pastures of buffaloes? (The answers to those questions, consecutively are, yes, yes, yes, yes and no.)

I haven't lived in one single dwelling for this amount of time since I moved out of my parents house after high school....some...long time ago. (:::cough::: 11 years :::cough:::)  This is where Oliver came home.  This is where Stacy slept on the couch for a week while stashing herself under covers because she is terrified of cats.  This is where my love of Mad Men began and slowly became a somewhat unhealthy obsession. This is the apartment I clogged up the three flights of stairs everyday for 2 years with weather ranging from sweating my face off to freezing my nose hairs off, to wind that turned my hair into white girl version of the Bride of Frankenstein.

Did I think Boulder was my forever place? Heck no.  I know that everyone has sentimental memories woven within rental walls, but these are mine and they're worth nothing before Comcast clips the end of my era.

I'm pretty sure I've mastered the art of never getting too comfortable in one place.  You just never know when you'll have to leave.  Some might think that is scary or sad, but I find it awesome.  I'm still open to change and moving onto another adventure.  I hope I'm still open to change for the rest of my life because I think that's what rounds out a persons character.  If I dug my heels in at every opportunity to remain status quo I don't imagine I would be as happy, and I'd miss out on things I never tried.

Take moving to Boulder.  It certainly wasn't on my bucket list but I came because of the opportunity for school and it seemed to fit for Alex to be closer to his dad and a bit easier to start out and get some fire fighting experience for him.  It isn't my favorite place in the world, though there are days where I text Alex saying, "I'm having a Colorado day."  Which basically means, I'm having a good day and I don't hate everyone here.  They are the fall days where the wind is just warm enough and not crazy enough but still a little crisp to feel like you're in a movie set in the fall.  Or the days when the sun is out after a fat snow storm, and the streets are clear and there isn't ice on the sidewalks.  Or as a GIANT snow storm is still happening and having to go to work, the sense of "Holy crap, this is crazy but we aren't dying from it." Or a good day of classes, walking over to the Hill and having a margarita (or two) on the patio of Half Fast Subs with friends, while talking about crazy people from class.  Those are a few examples of my "Colorado days." 

Contrary to what Alex (and many) may think, I don't have any regrets moving here.  It was fun, it was hard, it was sometimes awesome, and sometimes not.  But it is another place that has been full of new experiences and new friends that have helped shape who I am.  Though Colorado isn't in my rear view mirror, living in Boulder is, and I am more than excited to experience Colorado outside of the "Boulder Bubble."

So until Comcast sets up new Internets at the new lo-cal, I bid Boulder ado.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thelma is in the Slammer!

You know in The Green Mile where (**possible movie spoiler**) the douchy guard Percy gets sent to the mental hospital?  And he totally deserves it cause he sucks hard?  Well, Thelma and Louise didn't die when they drove off the cliff in this story.  They landed safely and went to a yoga studio.  Aaanyway....BUMM BUM BUMM BUUUUUM...

I got (some of) my stuff back!  No wallet, no money, no gift cards, nothin' else.  But I will take whatever I can get.  How Boulder is this??  Girl gets arrested at a Core Power Yoga. (Love.It.)  I think she was caught stealing out of lockers and the staff kept her there until the Police could arrive.  My things were found in her car. 

Do I believe in karma? I dunno.  I do know that when I get my Ms. Cleo feeling that something is going to happen, it totally happens.  

Once I find out her name and find her mug shot you BEST BELIEVE I will be posting that up here. 

Morgan - 1
Thelma - 0

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wallet Bandits Update

So the wallet bandits are still on the loose.  I called Officer Fife and he sent me an email saying that the case was closed due to lack of evidence.  Lack of evidence?? They went to a gas station that has close to a billion cameras!  He said that the images were fuzzy and that a clear shot of them was not available. 

Case closed? Not in my book.  Every two girl couple I see walking around with the stupid brown hair and idiotic blonde hair I judge them.  I figure if it wasn't them that stole my wallet and used my credit cards, then they have to know who the culprits were. So, keep your eyes open everyone.  I'm sure they've fled the state at this point.  Here are a few suspects:

Not innocent.

Probably number one suspects.

I'm sure the masks are the reasons there weren't any good images.

They might be the richest people in Hollywood, but I wouldn't count them out from some petty crime in Boulder.

Both have hungry babies to feed.


Hiding behind mom and daddy Pitt isn't going to shield them from crime forever.

Sure, you got away this time Thelma and Louise, but there are a few things that can and will happen.

1. You will get caught. 

2.  Karma is not nice.

3.  If karma doesn't get you, Super-Officer Starks will.

4.  Who am I kidding?  I have better luck of Betty White finding, catching and torchering you.

Enjoy the ride, that I paid for, for now. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Wallet Chronicles

There once was a girl who had a wallet.  After a shift on a Saturday night she decided, "I'm going home."  She clocked out, grabbed her cell phone out of the drawer where she most certainly didn't use it to text throughout her shift :) and grabbed her black and white hounds tooth jacket that she found in the lost and found.  ( had been there for at least a month!)  She goes to grab for her purse that was where it usually isn't there....she goes downstairs to check the other area where sometimes employees put their things. Wait a sec...dig, dig, dig...nope.  Humm...mean trick by the kitchen guys? Nope...

Can you guess who it is??


Wait, that isn't exciting.  Redo.

Yup. me...

Police report filed. Credit cards canceled.  Checking account canceled.  Lost are the gift cards and the FREE BREAKFAST AND SANDWICH from the frequent guest cards.  I would say those are priceless, but they're probably about $18 and a major source of pride.

Anyway, the two genius girls that did this decided to meet a bum outside of a bar just down the street from my place of work.  They lured him to his government housing with the promise of beer and pizza.  They got pizza, a bottle of vodka and some beer delivered to his "apartment."  They faked a stomach ache and left.  Homie didn't  even get to partake in the food and booze!  After they left, they went to a gas station and spent $43.36.  You can't fill a gas tank with $43.36! Also, what geniuses steal a wallet and use it at a gas station?! FULL OF CAMERAS!  Stupid of them = Good for me.

So the cops are getting the surveillance footage and handing it over to detectives since it is a felony.  I will keep everyone updated.

Also, some of the best responses are from my parents.  Dad's response about the $77 they spent at the Deli and Liquor delivery place.  He was more upset that they "obviously don't know you can't get a decent bottle of wine for $77."  Yeah, dad.  Obvi.  He is also more upset that they didn't take my iPhone, since he is a die hard Blackberry/Android/anything-not-Apple-user.  He also offered the use of a backhoe.  Where are you going to get a backhoe in Claremont, dad?

Mom asked all the normal questions.  Then finally...::GAAAASSSP!::: "WAAAAIT! Those little bitches stole our matching wallet?!"  Yes, mom.

Sooo, what do Thelma and Louise look like?  One is brunette and one has sandy colored hair.  So keep your eyes open, Ameeerica.  

In the mean time, if you see an awesome wallet lemme know.  I have to buy 2, so mom and I can have matching ones again.

Until next time,
Nancy Drew

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sunshine and Lollipops

Trend setter is certainly not the phrase you would associate with myself BUT I would just like to show you a small little website titled "Morgan and Alex are getting MARRIED" a.k.a. Our wedding website with all the boring info.

This little page was set up probably around the 1st of the year.  Please take note of the song that is playing.

Now, let me direct you to a little ol' company called JCPenney.  This is their new April commerical.

April Broadcast Spot

Coincidence? I. think. not.

Friday, January 27, 2012

2011 part 1

Remember those billions zillion things I promised I did, but never uploaded pictures and/or talked about them? Well I DID do them, even if you think I was a liar face and was just at home playing solitaire against the cat.  I have picture proof and finally a break down of stuff-I-said-I-did-and-finally-sucked-it-up-and-did-a-lame-post. (Why all the -'s...I don't know. Don't judge.)



So a long, long time ago in a land called Golden, Alex and I did the Coors Brewery Tour.  It wasn't super exciting.  I actually would not recommend it. 
A lot of it looked like this.

They are not hiring.  I asked.

We were still learning the camera.  That is a Morgan outline.

Then one craaaaaazy day we decided to see what this Cheyenne, Wyoming business was all about.  It was definitely a small town.  We got a good walk on around the city.  I've never been to Lincoln, Kansas but this is what I imagine it to look like.

He was cute.

I love an old school movie theater!

These boots were all over town.  I also realized it said, "Do not touch" after the picture was taken.  I live on the edge.

Oh yes! The Cheyenne train station museum. Talk. About. A. Party.
Like I said... a party.

The Capitol of Wyoming!
I'm there too!

Why smile when you can pose like the statue?

Aaaaaaaand we're back!

I don't know why my arms have to be up in every picture.

The Wyoming sign on the other side of the freeway that I wanted to take a picture with but we zoomed by too fast.  This is the same thing, right? 

The ride home.
Holy moly, I only got through the Coors Tour and Cheyenne.  Talk about random.  Plus, who wants to see eight months of pictures in one post?? That is no fun.  Part 2...tomorrow? (let's be honest..probably not)

Monday, January 23, 2012

The "Protest" Is Over!

Now I would like to say that my absence from the bloggisphere was merely a giant protest on PIPA and SOPA, but in reality is was my computer's protest against me saying that it is older than the Pope and wants to die.  What do I tell the computer that freaks out? Nothing. I let said computer rest for ... a month and a half then shove it in the face of the poor computer geeks at CU who thought it would be a 2 minute fix when in actuality it was over 2 hours of working on it.

Sooooooo what has been the haps around the Punchy? Lots. I've got pictures too, I think.  They won't be uploaded right now, because I'm going to let computer take a night time nap because I think he is starting to get sassy again.  The video of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon was clearer and more audible than what is coming out of dear ol' Dell at the moment.

Until tomorrow! (Hopefully)