Monday, January 23, 2012

The "Protest" Is Over!

Now I would like to say that my absence from the bloggisphere was merely a giant protest on PIPA and SOPA, but in reality is was my computer's protest against me saying that it is older than the Pope and wants to die.  What do I tell the computer that freaks out? Nothing. I let said computer rest for ... a month and a half then shove it in the face of the poor computer geeks at CU who thought it would be a 2 minute fix when in actuality it was over 2 hours of working on it.

Sooooooo what has been the haps around the Punchy? Lots. I've got pictures too, I think.  They won't be uploaded right now, because I'm going to let computer take a night time nap because I think he is starting to get sassy again.  The video of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon was clearer and more audible than what is coming out of dear ol' Dell at the moment.

Until tomorrow! (Hopefully)

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