Thursday, September 15, 2011

Firemen and Stripper Poles

Alex's parents and my parents came into town last weekend to #1 Meeeet! #2 To celebrate with Alex as he graduated from his Fire Academy!

Mom flew in on Friday night.  We stopped at the grocery store and then of course the wine store (spent more on booze than food...what can ya do).  Then we got home so she could meet Mr. Oliver.  That meeting was not as smooth as I thought it would be. I think he got scared before I left for the airport and ran into the closet without my knowledge.  So, of course as I was cleaning I shut the closet doors.

...4 1/2 hours later we get home.  Someone was pissed.  Whoops.

Needless to say there was a lot of this...

...and this.

That was pretty much the only snafu for the weekend.  Saturday morning, Alex had to be at the fire station around 6am.  As the fam bam and I were on our way to Golden for the graduation and pinning, I get a text.  "Sit in an isle.  You are going to be pinning me." Uhh..jigga whaaat? I was not prepared for this.  Then......THEN I find out that we are the first ones to go.  Sweet.

Where do I get the badge?
Where do I pin it?
On the tail? 
Down then up then through? Huh?
Do we high five after?
Where do I stand?

So, needless to say, I figured it out.  I handled it.  AND he didn't bleed.  Over all a successful visit.

With his buddy Ryan

This is my mom learning to use a camera.  10 sec. before she realizes I'm going to go up there, and she needs to take camera duty, I hear, "How do I work this??" "Mom, you push the button on the top. Like every other camera ever made." "This is what I got." "Hahahhahahaaaa...aww craaaap."

The board of badges before the ceremony.

It's an old wooden pipe (right, Alex??) the class gave to their head instructor.

I was pro at pinning compared to some of those other suckers.  They must not do as well under pressure.

Mom and I both have #1. shiny shoes #2. A.D.D.

Alex with his dad and new helmet.

My mom is the new Annie Leibovitz.

"Am I allowed to put this on?" "I dunno. Hurry up."

A real firehouse pole!
Which reminds me, my mom says to me on Saturday after the graduation, "Kim (Alex's step dad) and I decided we're going to get a stripper pole for your apartment."
Me: "Why on Earth would I need a stripper pole?"
Mom: "It's like a fire pole."
Me: "No. No it's not"
Mom: "Ya, we are getting you one so Alex thinks it's a firepole."
Me: "No. No. Not the same. Don't want one."
Mom: "Ya."

I need snow boots...things for a for a honeymoon...essentials! I don't need a stripper pole, mom. If you think I should work out, maybe a Wii Fit is more up my alley. Please...and thank you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Growing up in Southern California there isn't really a "fall".  My mom use to complain (actually she still does) about not having any seasons and it's always be greeted with, "Whoooo caaaares, mooooom?"  Well, I get it now.  Yes, mom. I. Get. It.

Last year, I got my first taste of the Colorado fall.  I loved it, and now I feel like I've earned it this year.  I suffered through horrible winter, and a scorching summer. (Yes, supposedly spring was in there, but by the time I realized it, it had already passed. [woah...comma city])  Now I'm READY! All of my long sleeves and cute sweaters are washed, ironed and hung up.  They are all set to be worn.  I'm ready for apple pie, windy weather, leaves changing colors, apple cider and wearing boots without my feet sweating.

Looking back to my childhood, I think I always knew I liked fall.  My friend, Emily and I use to run around in her front yard (why look crazy in the back yard, when you can do it in front of the neighbors?) in our bathing suits just as it started to cool off around November.  We would do that for about 20 minutes then run inside put on warm clothes and drink hot chocolate.

Now I get to live a real life "Baby Sitters Club" movie, minus the babies and the sitting.  Yes, I realize that the cold/evil winter is going to rear its nasty head soon.  But I'm ignoring that temporarily and listening to my fall music: Ari Hest, Christina Perri and the soundtrack to Garden State.

OH MY GATOS! How could I write about Fall and not talk about Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Sweet Baby Jesus, I am a happy camper. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pretty, Pretty

I think it's weird when I have friends from unrelated groups that are in the same place and Facebook about it.  This post has almost nothing to do with that, other than I know that the sunset in San Diego was epic yesterday.  Three friends all posted almost the same picture at the same time! Granted, it was definitely worth posting.  Check them out. 

via Jamie Mae

via Ian

via Angela

Friday, September 2, 2011

Swirly McFunzies

I'm preeeettyyyyy sure I could play with this all day.  I bet people on drugs could waste weeks with this!

Yeah, yeah. This is more of a Facebook update. I'm a slacker McLazy.  I've got some updates in the old mind vault, so I will dooo thaaaat sooooon.

P sout!