Friday, June 29, 2012

Thelma is in the Slammer!

You know in The Green Mile where (**possible movie spoiler**) the douchy guard Percy gets sent to the mental hospital?  And he totally deserves it cause he sucks hard?  Well, Thelma and Louise didn't die when they drove off the cliff in this story.  They landed safely and went to a yoga studio.  Aaanyway....BUMM BUM BUMM BUUUUUM...

I got (some of) my stuff back!  No wallet, no money, no gift cards, nothin' else.  But I will take whatever I can get.  How Boulder is this??  Girl gets arrested at a Core Power Yoga. (Love.It.)  I think she was caught stealing out of lockers and the staff kept her there until the Police could arrive.  My things were found in her car. 

Do I believe in karma? I dunno.  I do know that when I get my Ms. Cleo feeling that something is going to happen, it totally happens.  

Once I find out her name and find her mug shot you BEST BELIEVE I will be posting that up here. 

Morgan - 1
Thelma - 0