Saturday, August 20, 2011

Laundry Anxiety

Let's just paint a picture of my apartment complex real fast.  It is a U-shaped three story building.  I live on the 3rd floor.  There are about 36 units, with community laundry in the basement.  Three washers and three dryers.  I decided to do some laundry before work tonight, and head out with 2 solid loads.  Totally normal.  Most people will leave one free for someone that needs to wash something. 

As I hit staircase #2 with my laundry basket full of clothes, I hear a door on the top floor open and close and a girl yell back that she is going to "throw in all my laundry real fast."  As explained earlier, there is almost always 1 free.  I was hoping for her sake that all 3 were open, and she would get to use one.  She doesn't see me, but I know she is headed down.  I haul my butt down the stairs with a quickness (I need a clean apron real bad.  Mine looks like I've been working in a Southern Kitchen for the better half of my life with no apparent water source near.  I've spot "cleaned" it too many times to push it any longer.) because one just neeeveeerr knowwws the laundry situation. These are the possible scenearios that could have taken place.

#1 All the washers are free and clear. I get there before she does, she gets one.  This is the best case.

#2 Two washers are taken, one is clear. I take it before she even gets downstairs.  This works to my sort of advantage except in the chance that she walks in and sees me there and that all the washers are taken and gives me the look of death for using all of them.  WHICH I DIDN'T! (but I would have.  I just don't like given the laser eyes if I didn't do something.)

#3 Just one is being used, and I let her have one.  This is a very unlikely scenario.  She can wash her sorority shirts later. 

 #4 Just one is being used, and I take both.  Yeah, I would do that.  I've got things to do, people!  When she walks in, I avoid eye contact, pretend to be really mad about a gang fight gone bad on my phone.  That should keep her away for awhile.  Ya, I know.  Karma will say hi to me later, I will deal with it then.

#5 All 3 are being used before I get there, and we are both screwed. 

As I head down the staircase, I think "Should I throw pine cones at her to distract her?  Should I yell up to her 'Sorry! Seeaaats taaaken!'  Should I ..."

Crash! I fall.

Luckily I only tripped down a few stairs and mainly landed on my dirty clothes and have an awkward twisty motion with the staircase railing.  She notices me, yells and asks if I'm okay.  To which I respond, "Ya, I just tried carrying too much laundry."  She gets the hint, and heads back inside. 

Score 1 for being clumsy.

Oh, and in case you were super curious as to what the actual sitch was in the laundry room. It would have been scenario #2.  I didn't want to go all Rachel Greene up on her, but I would have if need be.

Still lacking a camera! Though, I'm not entirely sure what pictures I could have posted anyway, less I decided to take a picture of the laundry room...but that would have been just WAY too exciting a post.  Maybe another day.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Alllrighty, California trip time.  Since my camera decided to run off to live a life without me (I forgot it in the hotel room) there are no pictures to show that the trip actually did happen.  How fun is a post without pictures? Let me tell you, not fun at all.  I'm not writing War and Peace here, so I need some visual stimulation.  So, I did what any normal person does. I stole pictures from the internet. (and a few from my camera phone)

Sooo the whole point of going out to California was:

1.  To get the helloutta Colorado. 

B. To visit LA and San Diego friends, two of which were getting married the following week which we couldn't attend. 

C.  To go to my :::sigh::: high school reunion. Go Wolfpack.

We flew in on Friday night, ate pizza with the parents and...I think that's it.

Saturday we took Henry to the pooch park, mainly because he looks like this:
There is no fancy filter on my phone, this rear end shouldn't be soooo wide.
We then walked around the village, mainly to get Yogurtland.  Also, because Alex swears we've been dating for eons and every time I take him to Claremont we never do anything IN Claremont.  (Which finally I admit, is true.  The first few times we went to Upland, Rancho, Ontario and La Verne.  Oops.)  Anyway, he saw all that is the epic Claremont Village. Life changer right there.

Saturday night was the ever dreaded High School reunion.  Let me state for the record:  I did not want to go.  I wasn't planning on it, then during New Years Alexis tells me she is ALLLLL FOR IT AND SUPER EXCITED.   Well, crap. Now I still wasn't sold on the idea, but I didn't want to miss out on anything.  Why didn't I want to go? Cause this is the conversation I imagined with everyone:

Me: "Hiiiiiiii!"
"How are you?"
Me: "I'm goooood. How are yooou?"
Me:  "Gooood...."

Why do I imagine this? Because of stupid Facebook.  I saw your wedding pictures, I know you checked in at Target 40 times, I know you love to shoot birds at blocks of wood (that's that Mad Birdie game, right?), I saw pictures from your vacations over the past 10 years. Vegas. Europe. Everything. I.Get.It.  Saw it. Read about it. Super happy for you. Which is why I imagined the reunion to basically be hell in a Mexican bar.  (oh..there is a restaurant attached? Huh.)  Needless to say, I was not looking forward to it.

Turned out it wasn't bad.  Alex wore an old Wolfpack Football shirt under his button down shirt, so I made him flash everyone randomly.  I won in the raffle! The conversations were great, but to be honest after my drink at home, the free margarita and a $56 bar bill I'm sure I could have had fun in a meeting of Congress.   

"Um, I invented Post-Its."

It was held at Casa De Salsa at the Old School House.  Here is a picture of us not there, but from some lovely internet person who decided to post it.  We actually stayed until they closed, then headed over to The Press to see what was up. That was certainly not happening. Too packed. So Alex and I and a few friends headed back to our friend's new apartment and were up until about 4 having a "kick back." (ya...said it. Learn it. Live it.)

 On Sunday, we layed out in my parents backyard, napped then went back down for some Yogurtland (seriously, if you haven't gone yet GO!) then headed to the Metrolink and caught a train into downtown L.A. to visit Jeremy and Danielle.

I probably had a picture like this on my camera...ya...
We hung out at their freaking awesome loft for a little bit, then went out for some drinks.  We ended up at an old speakeasy behind Cole's (a famous restaurant).  The place was called The Varnish. If you're ever in downtown L.A. I highly suggest it.  Super fun.

super crushed ice! I'm sold.

Metal stir stick/straws and one GIANT piece of ice. Sold again.
What is cool is that if you don't want anything on the menu, you tell the waitress what kind of alcohol you want and what sort of flavoring you want and the bartender whips something up.  For example, Danielle chose gin and citrus and they brought her something kinda random.

On Monday we went down to San Diego and stayed at The Handlery.  Great hotel as long as you don't forget to pack your camera. (Uggg...super bitter about it still) 

We then checked out a possible reception venue. I put Alex on camera duties, and he did awesome. There were probably 30 pictures, showing the spot perfectly. The views are amazeballs.  Now would have been a great time to show it off but thaaaat's not going to happen.  So, needless to say. We saw one venue, loved it and picked it.  That's one step down in the wedding planning. Saa-weeet!  Right after we walked over to meet some friends at Nicky Rottons. SO GOOD! 

Nicky Rotton's bar. We sat upstairs to the left!

After we said goodbye to everyone we walked over to Yardhouse to have a drink or 2 and say, "hi."  We ended up at Star Bar.  Just like old times. :)

Tuesday morning we met some friends at Tap Room. (Yummmm...can you tell we ate a lot?) Then walked around PB a little bit and drove around a little then met Brad, Heidi, Hayden and little baby Landon at In-N-Out.  Unfortunately, the traffic was horrible/bad so we were all late meeting. Between scarfing down a cheese burger and chocolate shake I was able to see the little boy say hi then we had to peace out for the airport.  It was too rushed, but definitely glad we got to meet up for half a second.

Yes, I know I've used this picture already. Deal.

All in all, it was a bombdiggity trip.  Glad I went to the reunion, glad I got to see friends, and super happy sunshine sparkles that we got to make it back down to San Diego.  

Old picture, but I got to see all of them!
Now we only have 364 days left until we will fo-sho be back in SoCal somewhere! Big smiles!