Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sun of A Gun

I just saw this video by an artist by the name of Nanna ├śland Fabricius, and I think she is in a band called Oh Land.  The set design is crazy cool, and the music kept me interested.  Be warned, she moves a little like a zombie having a seizure.  But nobody is perfect.

Sun Of A Gun by Oh Land

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update! I Forgot About One Important Life Lesson

OHMYGOSH. I forgot to post the most important thing I learned last night.

Never pay a hooker with a check. 

Things I Learned from Watching the Boob Tube Last Night

Who says that you can't learn anything from tv?  Not this girl.  I'm not even watching Jeopardy.

1. Alex loves Lisa Lampanelli.  Loves.  There were two rounds of laughing from him.  First round came from the original joke.  Then the second laugh came from Lisa Lampanelli laughing.  I think it made Alex's night to hear her laugh, so he can laugh and be happy she is laughing.  Huh? Yeah, it's weird. 

2. I didn't know Greg Giraldo died! That's it....I just didn't know.  Now I do.

3. Trivial Pursuit came from the great white North.  Ya! Finally something good came from Canada other than maple syrup and Ryan Renolds.

4.  When you're good at your job, you make it look easy.  This in turn, makes me want to try.  After watching one and a half Roasts on Comedy Central,  I was 2.3 seconds away from hitting the comedy tour circuit to become a stand up comic.  Then The Situation got on stage.  That was a fast dream of mine.

5.  I want the background music to The Biggest Loser to work out to.  Ok, that was a lie.  I want the background music to The Biggest Loser so I can drive around in my car and feel like I am conquering the world.

6. Also, on The Biggest Loser front...did anyone else watch?? Why on Earth was everyone talking like Marci was dying??  She was going home! She needed to go home! She reached her target goal, she was doing the opposite of dying.  You people need to cry more in the beginning of the show when you show up with 90% body fat and are actually dying.

7.  I felt guilty eating Chicken Parmesan while watching Heavy and The Biggest Loser.

8.  I love the white couch in TBL (I'm starting to be type lazy) house.  Which makes me realize that when Alex says, "I don't think you are getting out of this what you're suppose to get out of it" he might be right.  Seriously, it's a great couch.

9. Gilbert Gottfried starting squinting when he did stand up because seeing the audience made him nervous.  He just got fired from his Aflac gig due to some not nice Japanese tweets he sent out earlier this week.  Last I heard Aflac was on a mission to find a new voice.  Which is why Alex and I were practicing our Aflac duck voices.  Turns out, he isn't that bad but it's too annoying.  Good bye future annoying voice over career.

10.  I really wanted to make this 10 points, so this last one is something I learned this morning.  Rapper Nate Dogg died last night.  Apparently, Snoop is super bummed about it (for my friends that are not well versed in the rapper world, they were BFF) and is Tweeting his goodbyes...cause I'm sure heaven is hooked up to Twitter and Nate is reading them, Snoop.  Grieving is getting too viral for me.   

In conclusion, when Nate Dogg was in his prime I was most likely listening to Sheryl Crow, Ace of Base, All-4-One and of course my beloved Amy Grant.  I was going to find some awesome lyrics to post but I decided it wasn't in my best interest to post for all the internets any of the "interesting" lyrics I found.  Sooo...

Onto My Next Episode,

 (See what I did there?? Episode cause I made a list about tv...and Next Episode like Nate Dogg's song.  It's the little things, people.)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ima Blog When I Waaaant To....

:::sang in the tune of "You Can Dance If You Want To" by Men at Work:::

Ima blog when I want to
We've got all your life and mine
As long as we abuse it
Never gonna lose it
Everything will work out right
I say, we can blog if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
Because your friends don't blog
And if they don't blog
Well they're no friends of mine

Now, that just isn't true.  Your friends are friends of mine. (that isn't true either)  Basically, my honeymoon blogging stage is over.  It went fast, I know.  I was trying to think about what would be too much blogging, and what wouldn't be enough.  Last Saturday, I really wanted to write but then realized I didn't want to go blog crazy, so I held it in.  Then I got busy and/or forgot, and well, I think I've figured out my where my blog-life and life-life meet at this point.  I'm just going to blog when I want to.  I've learned that I can blog multiple times a day and not post right away.  Well, wooooweeee I think I found my happy blogging ground. 

News on the Morgfront is that Alex got offered a job in Golden (where they have the Coors factory) as a paid volunteer (paid and volunteer, I don't understand it entirely either) firefighter!  So, that is a huge step for him.  I have learned that a lot of full time fire stations will not hire someone without previous experience so he is getting the experience with a few dollars on the side.  (Plus, the few dollars can always be used for my weekly Girl Scout cookie habit.)  Golden better watch out, with Alex on their team, they're going to have sooo many ...not fires.

 *not at all edited. totally real*

In not happy news, the earthquake in Japan is horrible.  Everyone I know or friends of friends (hey...I guess they are friends of mine) that are in Japan have been accounted for.  Having traveled there when I "studied" abroad eons ago, the main thing I took away from Japan was that the people were extremely, nice, friendly and happy.  I remember my friend Jackie and I wanted to see a Geisha, but realized it would be equivalent to flying to LA and asking to see a celebrity.  They are few and far between and you never know exactly where or when you'll see them.  With that in mind, we ran across a lady and her mom taking a walk after dinner and with their broken English and our fabulous use of charades they understood what we wanted to see.  They walked with us for 3 hours trying to find a Geisha.  Finally, we decided to put them out of their misery say our good byes and chalk it up to a solid effort.  2 minutes after saying good bye, the mom and daughter came running after us motioning for us to come back.  They actually found a Geisha and we got pictures of her just as she was getting into a car.  They seemed just as excited as we were, which makes me think it may have been equivalent to us walking around LA and finding Ray Liotta. (Love him. Don't judge me.)  I'm bummed I can't find the picture right now, but I will have an update when I do.  For now here is a picture I took of a cute little girl painting in front of Hiroshima, which I think is far enough south to be away from most of the drama.

My friend just posted this on Facebook and  I thought it was relevant and cute. "The 6 year old I nanny for just asked me why everyone is so sad that Sue Nommy is in Japan."
Keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers.   Stupid Sue Nommy.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Two things that

#1 I find it rare to find something that melts my heart, is a little creepy, and makes me laugh at the same time.  With that I bring you Andrea Bocelli on Sesame Street.

#2   I am SUPER excited that Sir ELTON JOHN IS COMING TO THE MILE HIGH CITY!  Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am.  My only problem is how on this good Earth I am going to be able to find a black market for whatever organ they are currently in high demand for in Boulder this evening.  I'm sure Elton's tickets are going to be a few benjamins. (ya...bringing that back). 

Seriously though

I need 

 to see this!

The Bitch is Back! Elton+Morgan 4.12.11

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Jerse-Day

I realize I may lose some followers before I even gain them with this post, but a Jersey Shore dream blog was bound to happen at some point.  

I have weird dreams.  Like suuuper odd, disturbing, mind bending, M.C. Escher meets Inception type dreams.  A random one that is simple to explain involved driving a bus up a mountain so I could unlock a sock drawer with marbles.  Anyway, I had the most NORMAL dream I have ever had the other night but unfortunately it involved the guys from Jersey Shore.

We start out in Vegas. (How I got here from riding in a van after breaking into an apartment in San Diego with the Kardashian's, I will never know.)  I can't remember any of their names for the life of me.  I am convinced this is my unconscious being mad at me for watching the show in the first place.  I don't blame it.  I walk next to Pauly and tell him that Ronnie is super skinny and not to tell him.  Next thing I hear is, "Ron! Ron! This chick thinks yous is skinny!"  They laugh. I'm a riot with the guys! We walk through crowds of people and I think, "I'm on the Jersey Shore....bitch!"  The last thing I remember was asking Pauly, "Where are the 2 short girls?" and he said that they don't party anymore.  I figure, "They're probably in Palm Springs."  Obviously.

I wake up and think, "I see why everyone loves Pauly!"  2 minutes later I come to my senses and think, "Whaaaaat? I don't love Pauly...and what's the deal with Palm Springs?"  What all of this means, I will probably never know.  What I do know is that I need to cut out some reality television, ASAP. 

    This is as orange/tan as I could make myself.  Don't I look like I'd fit in? 

Cabs are heya!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let's Chat

"Why?" you ask.  I am not a mom, wife, planning a wedding or for a baby.  Thus, this will not be a mom/wife/wedding/baby blog.  This is a Morgan blog.  When I start thinking about everything while in the shower I feel  a huge ADD bubble above my head, and if I can grasp a few of those thoughts and put them down I think I will appreciate it later.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I will talk about babies, weddings and whatnot, but that is not my primary goal.  I have no direction or goal with this thing. 

                               It is basically to get what is here:

                                          to here:

                (wow! Remember these? Damn you Oregon Trail)
                               So I don't feel like this:

I am not crazy-crazy.  I am good crazy.  Not shave your head and stab a man with an umbrella, jump on Oprah's couch, hang a baby off of a balcony, Charlie Sheen crazy.  Good crazy.

Now for a disclaimer.  I was raised in Southern California (not an excuse, just a fact) so I tend to say "dude", "totally" and "soooooo".  Also, I went to public schools.  I use commas like they are going out of business.  If these are the type of things that bother you, good luck in life, because there are much worse problems out in the world.  You've been warned.

With that out of the way, welcome to my punchy life.

Good crazy,