Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wallet Bandits Update

So the wallet bandits are still on the loose.  I called Officer Fife and he sent me an email saying that the case was closed due to lack of evidence.  Lack of evidence?? They went to a gas station that has close to a billion cameras!  He said that the images were fuzzy and that a clear shot of them was not available. 

Case closed? Not in my book.  Every two girl couple I see walking around with the stupid brown hair and idiotic blonde hair I judge them.  I figure if it wasn't them that stole my wallet and used my credit cards, then they have to know who the culprits were. So, keep your eyes open everyone.  I'm sure they've fled the state at this point.  Here are a few suspects:

Not innocent.

Probably number one suspects.

I'm sure the masks are the reasons there weren't any good images.

They might be the richest people in Hollywood, but I wouldn't count them out from some petty crime in Boulder.

Both have hungry babies to feed.


Hiding behind mom and daddy Pitt isn't going to shield them from crime forever.

Sure, you got away this time Thelma and Louise, but there are a few things that can and will happen.

1. You will get caught. 

2.  Karma is not nice.

3.  If karma doesn't get you, Super-Officer Starks will.

4.  Who am I kidding?  I have better luck of Betty White finding, catching and torchering you.

Enjoy the ride, that I paid for, for now.